Equipment & Services

ISSM is home to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment used for the assessment of human performance, metabolism, biomechanics, and body composition.

Whether you’re looking to improve athletic performance or just want see where your health stands, the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine at Florida State University now provides a comprehensive list of services that are beneficial to the public, to help individuals reach optimal health.

Body Composition Assessment

Biodex Balance System

The Biodex Balance System has many applications. It can be used to assess fall risk in the elderly or as a rehabilitative tool for patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s. At ISSM, one of our primary uses of this tool is for assessing concussion symptoms and recovery.


At ISSM, the DEXA is at the forefront of much of our research as one of our primary focuses is body composition. DEXA is an extremely accurate method of assessing body composition. It uses X-ray technology to give detailed data on total and regional body composition as well as bone density. DEXA is unmatched as an assessment tool for body composition because it can examine different regions or even individual body parts for fat mass, lean mass, and bone density. Moreover, it can delineate and measure different kinds of abdominal fat such as subcutaneous and visceral.


The Bod-Pod measures body composition using the two-compartment model. It separates the body into either fat mass or fat-free mass.  The Bod-Pod has become a body composition assessment tool of choice for many laboratories due to its accuracy and ease of use.

Functional and Performance Testing

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

This treadmill was originally designed as a rehabilitative tool. Its unweighting technology reduces impact force by effectively lessening the runner’s weight, (down to 20% of their actual weight).  The AlterG also has applications as a training tool. Runners can run longer and harder on the AlterG with reduced risk of injury. At ISSM, we are currently investigating the potential ways in which the AlterG may enhance running performance.

Biodex System 4 Pro

The Biodex is a state-of-the-art dynamometer which can measure a variety of parameters including isometric and isokinetic force and power production. The Biodex has long been used as a rehabilitative tool. At ISSM, we use the Biodex most to measure changes in strength in power as a result of training and/or nutritional interventions.

Velotron Cycle Ergometers

ISSM is home to two Velotron cycle ergometers. These state-of-the-art bicycles are extremely accurate and reliable tools for the measurement of human performance. The Velotrons feature fully adjustable frames and are capable of generating loads varying from 5 to 2000 watts. Equipped with Racermate’s unique software, riding courses from around the world can be downloaded or designed from scratch by the rider.

Parvomedics Metabolic Cart

The metabolic cart is one of the most useful tools in any human performance laboratories. It can be used to measure a variety of parameters including resting metabolic rate, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), and substrate utilization patterns. At ISSM, we use the metabolic cart to analyze the effects of a variety of nutritional interventions on resting and exercise metabolism.

Dartfish Movement Analysis Software

This software allows for analysis of step-by-step movements, different movement angles, speed, and trajectory. It is also useful as a tool for demonstrating key movement techniques for athletics.

Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG System

This system comes with wireless sensors that can attach to the body. Each EMG sensor relays biofeedback about muscle activation and relaxation to the analysis software immediately and synchronously.

Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer

The objective is to analyze weightlifting records' average velocity, acceleration, peak velocity, power output, and force produced for any barbell-based lift. These recordings can also provide insight on the experience level of a lifter and can remember up to 500 repetitions.

Watt Bike

The Watt Bike utilizes both magnetic and air braking resulting in a riding experience which closely matches the feel of the road. It is also fully adjustable allowing for the attainment of optimal riding position. Watt Bike software allows for the collection and display of a variety of data points including cadence, power output, heart rate, torque, and speed.

Monark Bicycle Ergometers

ISSM houses two Monark cycle ergometers. These are typically used for Wingate testing of maximal power development. 

Woodway Treadmill

This impressive treadmill can incline to 20% and decline to -5%. It boasts a top speed of 25 mph. This is one of our most utilized pieces of equipment as it used for a variety of testing protocols such as VO2max and lactate threshold. 

Concept2 Rowing Ergometer

The Concept2 is a reliable and accurate tool for the measurement of power production and human performance, particularly in non-cyclists or runners. It provides a multitude of data points including cadence, power output, speed, and distance. 

AMTI™ Force Plates

We use these force plates to measure ground reaction forces, balance, gait, and other biomechanical parameters related health and performance.

Additional Resources

Biochemistry Laboratory

Our biochemistry laboratory is primarily used for measurement of blood for metabolic and hormonal changes resulting from exercise and/or nutritional interventions. Primary methods of assessment include ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and microdialysis.

Medical Exam Room

The medical examination room is used for some of our more in-depth methods of assessment. These include blood draws and insertion of microdialysis probes. .